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Båtsfjords Sports Club visiting Barcelona

Båtsfjord Sports Club visited in October Barcelona for training and matches. The schedule was full of activities, including two friendly matches played at Lifein360 Training Centre Camp Nou. Båtsfjord played very well but they still lost their first match against a strong team. To the second match the players from Båtsfjord came more prepared and won 3-2, after having both 1-0 and 2-1 against them. The opposing teams were, as always in Barcelona, technically skilled and very focused playing their positions. The matches were played within the framework of the European Youth Football League and began with interviews and national anthems. The matches were filmed and can be found at

The trainings were also located to Lifein360 Training Centre Camp Nou and were managed by Josu, who normally coach CF Suburense, a team playing in the highest Catalan league. Josu has been working with Lifein360 for almost 10 years and is a very sympathetic and professional football coach who is very much appreciated by both coaches and players.

The visit in Barcelona, of course, also included a La Liga match and a visit at the FC Barcelona Museum at Camp Nou.

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