Lifein360 Events England

Lifein360 Interactive Maps® – England

Please join us on a virtual tour of London, our destination in England, by clicking Lifein360 Interactive Maps® – England The map will provide you with a first look at Lifein360 training centres and accommodations, including lots of tips and suggestions regarding restaurants, pubs, museums, shopping areas, fitness centres, golf courses and other helpful information. All provided for your convenience.

On the map you can see where the 5 airports of London are located and how to travel to and from them. You will also find where the main hubs for the train and tubes are situated.

And most importantly, we have placed on the map, the home stadiums of the five Premier League clubs located in London. By clicking on the text links below the stadium photos you can buy football tickets and find dates for upcoming games. Have a great trip!

Lifein360 Events England

In England we have chosen London as our primary destination for events.

West End London

Emirates Stadium London


London is the capital of fun, both in terms of football and other forms of entertainment. No other city offers five football clubs in the top league and a museum to visit almost every day of the year.

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