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Lifein360 Interactive Maps® – Sweden
Laponia SwedenPlease join us on a virtual tour of our destinations in Sweden by clicking Lifein360 Interactive Maps® – Sweden The map will provide you with a first look at the Lifein360 Training Centres and our accommodations, including tips and suggestions regarding restaurants, activities and excursions available at each destination. On the map you can see where all the regional airports in proximity of the destinations are located and how to travel to and from them. Have a great trip!

Lifein360 Training Sweden

In Sweden we are offering training in Båstad, Öckerö, Vilhelmina and Bollnäs. The first two locations are situated on the west coast of Sweden. Vilhelmina, the third location, is a pretty and friendly small town in the south of Lapland and Bollnäs is located in the Beautiful county of Hälsingland. All four places offer unique and enticing environments for training and adventures.

Båstad Harbour



Båstad is a popular summer destination, beautifully located on Bjärehalvön in the county of Skåne. There are often things going on in Båstad providing for a fun filled week for all ages.

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The Öckerö municipality consists of ten islands, known as the northern archipelago of Gothenb. The islands lies like a string of pearls from Vinga in the south to Marstrand in the north.

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Vojmsjön Vilhelmina

SS Warpen on Lake Varpen Bollnäs


Vilhelmina is a small, rural community in Southern Lapland. We have chosen this destination specifically for those of you who desire to combine football training with fishing.

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Bollnäs is a city, beautifully situated at the outlet of the river Ljusnan, entering into lake Varpen. Here you are close to the wilderness, with great outdoor experiences and exciting excursions. 

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